Fast Track Nutrition Lifestyle

This program is designed for me to work with you one on one with all nutrition and tracking. Utilize the calorie counter and smart watch capabilities along with having me in your pocket to access workouts and exercises if you choose or stay on your own routine! All while tracking your progress daily and monthly with this state of the art calorie counting component with integrated workouts or add your own! Track your activity now and work with me! Weekly check ins!

Plan Includes

  • Video demonstrations & instructions to perform exercises if you choose

  • Daily workout and nutrition logging in the app

  • Video chat with me for any questions!

  • Custom nutrition program by me

  • Weekly checkins and adjustments if need be based on activity

  • Have me in your pocket to destroy your nutrition goals

How it works

  • Purchase the plan
  • Complete onboarding questionnaire after logging into the app
  • Access the workout and nutrition schedule in the app
  • Connect with me in case of any queries via in-app chat
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